The Senior Estimator is responsible for managing from inception to completion the preconstruction process for all projects assigned to this role. This process includes but may not be limited to business development, client engagement, budget development/submission, detailed and comprehensive quantity takeoff, accurate cost evaluation, subcontractor/supplier bid solicitation, subcontractor/supplier scope, qualification and cost evaluations, risk evaluation, and bid submission. The Senior Estimator is also responsible for management of assigned estimating personnel, preconstruction technology assessment and development, final approval of bids and budgets prepared by assigned personnel, management of subcontractor/supplier relations, and continual development of preconstruction procedures and processes.

Overall Focus

  1. Do whatever it takes to ensure that ConstructAll bids and proposals are competitive and have the greatest chance of winning.
  2. Participate actively in company business development efforts to identify and track client and project pursuits.
  3. Use experience, leadership skills, and knowledge of fundamental preconstruction processes to actively lead and manage the Preconstruction Department staff, in word and example.
  4. Identify and appropriately mitigate risk associated with the business of preconstruction.
  5. Actively build subcontractor/supplier database and relationships to ensure the best pricing.
  6. Manage the effective standardization, organization, preparation, and proper distribution/submission of preconstruction solicitations, qualification submissions, company information, and other preconstruction-related correspondence associated with projects assigned to this role, both upstream and downstream, on behalf of the company.
  7. Perform and/or manage the project qualification, solicitation, quantity survey, scheduling, scoping, clarifying, and pricing effort for assigned preconstruction projects resulting in well-organized, professional correspondence and reports.
  8. Prepare properly qualified and clarified conceptual budgets based on minimal information.
  9. Ensure the flow of preconstruction information internally and externally is maintained and documented.
  10. Communicate and stay abreast of the latest information, both internally and externally, that affects all aspects of cost used to prepare preconstruction estimates and correspondence.
  11. Coordinate business development and qualification correspondence requirements with Operations and Business Development teams.
  12. Maintain and communicate data on construction and material cost trends affecting preconstruction cost databases.
  13. Analyze alternative means and methods to determine the most economic preconstruction alternative.
  14. Serve as default point of contact and advisor for assigned potential clients from initial contact to the proper point of transfer to project management representatives.
  15. Build effective relationships with customers, design team, specialty contractors, suppliers, and user groups that reflect and support company vision, mission, and core values and meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  16. Actively participate in industry, client and community relations to enhance company image.

Bid Administration

  1. Review contractual requirements and develop a plan for the project construction that is utilized as the basis of the cost estimating process.
  2. Prepare an in-house budget and GMP.
  3. Prepare or direct the preparation of material take-off from project plans and documents.
  4. Obtain comparative quotations for materials and subcontractor services.
  5. Understand the full scope of the project through document review and asking questions of the design team and owner.
  6. Prepare value engineering and risk analyses.
  7. Prepare qualifications and assumptions for the estimates.
  8. Prepare cost comparisons and reconcile with previous estimates and outside estimators.
  9. Lead constructability reviews.
  10. Manage subcontractor solicitation and selection process.
  11. Prepare Exhibit B, and/or scope sheets.
  12. Ensure quality control of department’s bids and estimates.
  13. Submit 100% of bids and budgets by the bid deadline – no exceptions.
  14. Prepare a level project schedule utilizing available software.
  15. Coordinate with the client’s contract officer on all changes in scope, and questions or clarifications regarding the work during the bidding process.
  16. Maintain updated database of cost information
  17. Attend pre- and post-bid meetings, with clients and in-house staff and preconstruction meetings as required.
  18. Assemble bid-files, including all development information that was utilized in preparation of the estimates.
  19. Ensure that all contract issues such as MBE, time constraints, special construction methods, etc. are addressed prior to submission of the bid.
  20. Ensure that all contract bid documents are complete and accurate prior to submission of the bid to the client.
  21. Act an observer, when required, for pre bid investigations and site visits.

Project Knowledge

  1. Review bid requirements thoroughly and ask follow-up questions on every bid, as needed.
  2. Has a thorough understanding of the scope for specific trades assigned.
  3. Develop RFI’s and clarifications and ensure adequate subcontractor coverage.
  4. Perform a comprehensive “bid day” analysis and scoping of specific assigned trades.
  5. Understand how to fit subcontractors to the size/scope of a project.
  6. Create bid lists that fit scope of job, ensuring that we have the right subs for the project.
  7. Include value-engineering ideas on every bid.
  8. Acts as a resource for project management by providing cost information and developing cost estimates for changes in the work, during different construction phases.

Follow-Up and Closing

  1. Consistently follow up on submitted bids and budgets with Architect and/or Construction Manager to close business.
  2. Know architects, construction managers, property managers, brokers and can close business.

Project Turnover

  1. Properly turn over bid documents and sub buyout information to Project Management in a timely manner.
  2. Review drawings with Project Management team and highlight areas of concern.
  3. Review job costs with Project Management team and highlight any subs/material vendors that still need to be awarded.
  4. Analyze estimated vs. actual costs upon project completion when directed by management. Takes input from project managers regarding labor and equipment hours, construction methods, and makes adjustments to estimating cost factors as necessary.
  5. Acts as a resource to project management during the award / start-up phase to clarify any issues regarding what was considered in the estimate, including materials and methods of construction.
  6. Review budget and project profitability status and goals with supervision and project team as required. Seek input on corrective measures to continuously improve the identification and accuracy of cost figures.

Subcontractor Management

  1. Thoroughly check requirements to buy the proper scope.
  2. Award subs in a timely manner to ensure release of materials.
  3. Release materials for record only when possible.
  4. Ensure that subs are aware of (and commit to) the project schedule.
  5. Seek and qualify new subcontractors.

Leadership and Relationship Building

  1. Ensure that the estimating process runs smoothly and efficiently and client expectations are exceeded throughout the duration of the project(s).
  2. Build relationships to understand client, designer and subcontractor needs and expectations.
  3. Effectively facilitate collaboration amongst team members.
  4. Manage Assistant Estimators and Pre-Construction Coordinators.
  5. Periodically participate in business development activities, presentations and interviews.
  6. Lead the Estimating team members on projects.
  7. Develop and maintain professional relationships and the highest ethical standards with clients, and other customers.
  8. Seeks input and feedback from both external and internal customers.
  9. Communicates issues to customers openly and honestly, while maintaining company’s confidential and proprietary information.
  10. Attend meeting with clients as required.
  11. Able to handle multiple bids per week.
  12. Train and develop entry-level Estimators and Pre-construction Coordinators.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Architecture or related field or equivalent experience or training.
  2. Minimum 10 years of experience in Estimating, or equivalent.
  3. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.
  4. Precision and accuracy in calculations and documentation.
  5. Experience with estimating software.
  6. BIM experience a plus.

Necessary Attributes

  1. Candidate must possess ConstructAll’s Core Values: Results Driven, Proactive, Safety Conscious, People Focused, Customer Oriented, and Team Oriented.
  2. Able to work with speed and efficiency.
  3. Understanding of the influence of market conditions on pricing.
  4. Must be able to manage multiple tasks and have excellent follow up skills both internally and externally.
  5. Work effectively with all colleagues and constituents and actively participate as a team member.
  6. Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  7. Strong sense of urgency and initiative.
  8. Take ownership of projects/clients managing both up and down.
  9. Able to work with minimal direction.
  10. Excellent problem solving skills.