The Superintendent is responsible for supervising the field construction of a project and to complete the work on schedule, within the budget and to all specified safety and quality standards. Depending on the project size and challenges the Superintendent may be accountable for one or more simultaneous projects. The Superintendent’s role is one of leader, coach, negotiator and arbitrator. The leadership displayed by this individual is critical to the Project’s performance.

Overall Focus

  1. Provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships of the on-site staff and to promote a positive project morale.
  2. Have a thorough and complete knowledge and understanding of the owner contract, subcontracts, contract drawings, specifications and addenda, and to assist the Project Manager in the development of the on-site procedures.
  3. Examine the contract drawings, specifications and addenda for design deficiencies, impractical details and possible code violations, and to bring these to the attention of the Project Manager.
  4. Communicate issues, events, performance and progress daily to the Project Manager.
  5. Report any problems promptly to the Project Manager or Project Executive to facilitate the most cost-effective solutions.
  6. Establish effective working relationships with clients and ConstructAll team members.
  7. Request advice and assistance from the Project Manager or Project Executive on matters pertaining to materials, sequencing, scheduling and personnel.


  1. Identify pre-mobilization activities in conjunction with the Project Team.
  2. Develop start-up schedule with Project Manager and send it to the Project Executive for review.


  1. Assist in formulating and implementing construction schedules in the field.
  2. Assist the Project Manager in establishing the Project Baseline Schedule based on the owner contract and subcontractor input, taking into account any elements that might impact the schedule.
  3. Maintain the schedule and ensure that work performed is consistent with the contract and will meet or exceed client expectations.
  4. Update Project Schedule monthly.
  5. Provide progress report with the three-week look ahead of schedule to the Project Manager and the field staff.


  1. Ensure that all subcontractors participate in a safety pre-construction meeting prior to starting work on the project.
  2. Ensure that all subcontractors have a full set of MSD sheets on the project and current insurance certificates.
  3. Review the project daily to ensure that all activities are being performed in accordance with all OSHA and governing requirements and the project’s site-specific safety plan and make all necessary corrections.
  4. Attend ConstructAll’s monthly safety meetings.
  5. Provide weekly safety checklist to Project Manager.
  6. Schedule and conduct weekly Tool Box Talks.
  7. Issue subcontractor safety violations and submit weekly to Project Manager.
  8. Implement ConstructAll’s Hurricane Preparedness Plan in case of an impending storm.

Quality Management

  1. Identify project quality standards as stated in the contract documents for all trades.
  2. Establish methods of monitoring and measuring quality standards during the course of construction (i.e., pre-work meetings, mock-ups, submittals, shop drawings, samples, etc.).
  3. Ensure that all materials and equipment delivered to the project is in compliance with approved submittals and shop drawings.
  4. Ensure that all items scheduled for inspections are pre-inspected for compliance and inspection reports are submitted to the Project Team.

Subcontractor and Site Management

  1. Manage site pre-construction including pre-construction survey, jobsite utilization, and staging plans.
  2. Mobilize the field office and maintain the jobsite to ConstructAll standards.
  3. Organize documentation of the jobsite for easy access and review.
  4. Manage subcontractor performance to meet schedule and quality expectations.
  5. Work with Project Manager to identify and resolve personnel issues and construction process revisions.
  6. Manage all phases of the construction process, including documenting and reporting site activities and progress.

Meeting Management

  1. Attend project turnover, mobilization and project coordination meetings.
  2. Attend safety pre-construction meetings.
  3. Conduct weekly safety inspections.
  4. Attend closeout meetings.
  5. Attend owner meetings.
  6. Conduct weekly subcontractor meetings and any others necessary to monitor and manage the project.

Administrative Management

  1. Monitor costs, including labor time and material.
  2. Complete and implement site-specific regulatory requirements, such as site signage, checklists, emergency contact lists, etc.
  3. Complete daily reports and maintain logs of key activities, files and shop drawings.
  4. Review delivery receipts to ensure shipments are complete and submit to Accounting on a timely basis.
  5. Submit timesheets for all ConstructAll personnel who worked on the jobsite to the Project Manager by 3 pm every Friday.
  6. Ensure that as-built working drawings are maintained as well as the current drawings and revisions, communicating these to the subcontractors.

Project Closeout

  1. Manage subcontractor closeout, transfer of utilities, owner training, and punch list.
  2. Ensure that all final inspections are completed and all trade permits are closed and finalized.


  1. Four to six years of experience in related construction fields.
  2. Minimum of OSHA-30 certification.
  3. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  4. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.
  5. Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of organization.

Necessary Attributes

  1. Candidate must possess ConstructAll’s Core Values: Results Driven, Proactive, Safety Conscious, People Focused, Customer Oriented, and Team Oriented.
  2. Meet productivity standards, complete work in timely manner, work quickly and strive to increase productivity.
  3. Excellent team development skills and leadership abilities.
  4. Ability to coordinate plans and identify issues.
  5. Familiarity with requirements of drawings and specifications and with terms and conditions of Project Contracts, Subcontracts and Purchase Orders.
  6. Function effectively as part of a team.
  7. Committed to excellence.
  8. Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality at all times.
  9. Delegate work appropriately.
  10. Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events
  11. Strong decision making and problem solving skills.
  12. Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  13. Self-motivated and self-confident.
  14. Must possess effective communication skills.
  15. Able to constantly multi-task and handle competing priorities between ConstructAll’s business needs and organizational issues while maintaining excellent customer relations.
  16. Must possess business judgment to negotiate the critical balance between budget and construction processes.
  17. Excellent organizational skills to manage the many details necessary for successful construction.
  18. Must have judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command.
  19. Excellent management skills to effectively manage subcontractor performance to ensure high quality.
  20. A strong sense of urgency and initiative, and the ability to quickly study and react to complex issues, and resolve conflict effectively in a firm but fair manner.
  21. Endurance and ability to visit entire job site, including stairs or other elevated structures.
  22. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to take action confidently and decisively.